Evaluation and bidding of visual effects sequences for films and commercials, on set visual effects supervision, software evaluation, hiring visual effects talents, setting up and supervise research & development and visual effects production teams, hands-on visual effects shots.

Fluent Italian, French, English, Spanish. Dual citizenship: Italy (EU) and USA.
Member of the Visual Effects Society.

Paolo’s artistic foundations go back to his high school years in Rome, Italy, where final exams are based on History of Art and Architecture. His professional career began when he joined the Studio Maoloni,a prominent Graphic Design firm.

He then moved to Paris, France, where he worked on early broadcast CGI animations using Cubicomp and later Explore TDI software.
In the early 90’s, Paolo moved to Bangkok, Thailand, setting up a CGI department for ILOURA, a dynamic Australian and Thai owned post facility, working on international commercials until late 1995 when he landed in Los Angeles, California, where he’s been working on both commercials and feature films with leading visual effects companies.

Paolo has now expanded his network to compete in the global visual effects market with the required top quality and affordable prices.